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Find out how dedicated engineers at Cuspy came up with 8 competitive apps for Shopify, with an average 5-star rating.


Dedicated engineers

Web App Developers

3 React senior software developers
3 PHP Lavarel senior software developers

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


TenGrowth wanted to expand their range of ready-made custom apps on the Shopify App Store. To achieve their ambitious goals fast, they needed to scale up their development team.


One of the TenGrowth requirements was to grow their team with professionals well versed in ecommerce development. Cuspy assigned 3 PHP Lavarel developers and 3 React developers that had previous experience in the given domain. In line with the Customer's workflows and requirements, our team performed several tasks:

• Analyzed the strengths of competitors' apps on the Shopify App Store and defined key success characteristics;
• Delivered the architecture of 8 Shopify apps and set an effective technology stack; Planned the design of apps to reflect the brand identity of TenGrowth and ensure an optimal user experience;
• Built 8 Shopify apps in line with the Customer's requirements, Shopify guidelines, and approved mockups;
• Tested the performance and compatibility of apps.

To date, the functionality of 8 Shopify apps covers the following:

Bulk Price Editor allows updating multiple product prices according to flexible rules and discarding changes if needed.
Countdown Timer Bar adds a catchy customizable widget that stimulates buying via time-sensitive offerings.
The Quantity Breaks and Discounts app is a solution for tiered pricing with multiple discount variants and discount bases included.
The Sales Popups app adds exit, upsell, and sales popups with CTA buttons, coupon codes, countdown timers, and other functionality.
The Fast One‑Click Checkout app makes checkout more convenient by showing an editable popup to customers.
Free Shipping Bar is a customizable widget that encourages shoppers to order more and automatically calculates the number of items left to unlock free shipping.
Sticky Cart adds a floating icon to the store pages so as to drag attention to the checkout and reduce cart abandonment.
SEO Keywords Suggester allows analyzing search terms to improve the position of the web store in SERP.

Tech Stack




With the help of our dedicated developers, TenGrowth successfully uploaded 8 robust apps to the Shopify App Store. The apps were delivered in line with the latest ecommerce trends, as well as Shopify and TenGrowth guidelines. As a result, TenGrowth apps received positive user reviews and scored on average 5 out of 5. The Customer decided to continue productive cooperation to upgrade the 8 apps and deliver new ones.

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