Room Booking System

Dedicated engineers from Cuspy delivered a GDPR-compliant, multi-tenant space booking solution.


Dedicated Engineers

Software Developers

3 senior developers
1 UI/UX designer

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


The Customer was looking for a tech partner to develop a multi-tenant space booking solution and hence turned to Cuspy Software.


Our team of senior developers applied their expertise to build a GDPR-compliant platform with the following functionality:

• Role-specific tools for admins, landlords, receptionists, tenants, and guests;
• Access to data based on a user role;
• Easily customizable functionality for landlords. They can set images, pricing, booking terms, etc.;
• Convenient booking settings for tenants. They can easily choose location and accommodation, quickly set time and recurrence, book a parking lot and other services;
• Integration with the digital signage system.

Tech Stack


The Customer got a competitive, GDPR-compliant space booking platform that is now used by real estate, retail, banking, and local municipal organizations.

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