Custom P2P Lending Marketplace

Explore how Cuspy created a large and secure peer-lending website.


Dedicated Engineers

Software Developers

3 senior developers
1 UI/UX designer

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


The Customer wanted to build a P2P lending marketplace and hence was looking for dedicated web developers to scale their team.


Web developers from Cuspy joined the Customer’s dev team at an early stage of the project and thus contributed to both the architecture and the actual functionality of the peer-lending platform.
The P2P lending marketplace was delivered on time and equipped with all the must-have features:
• Admin tools that were convenient for non-tech-savvy users and included reports on updates and applicant, payment, loans, and appointment management;
• Lender dashboards with personal data and a feature for managing loans;
• Borrower dashboards with a handy lender search engine, personal and credit status data;
• Integrations with SSL (for security) and the needed 3rd-party tools and APIs (for billing and notification purposes);
• Email and SMS notifications for users;
• Loan calculator;
• Blog with useful advice for lenders and borrowers.

Tech Stack




Dedicated web developers at Cuspy built a P2P lending marketplace that can also run on mobile. The modular architecture of the solution allows the Customer to safely introduce changes to the platform without harming its overall performance. Thanks to detailed documentation and maintainable code, there is no vendor lock-in.

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