PHP Development

PHP developers at Cuspy scale engineering teams worldwide and build secure and high-performing custom software — from small web apps to multifunctional enterprise systems.

PHP Development Services

As a PHP development company, Cuspy takes up PHP projects of different scale and complexity. Should you need a small web app, a website, a RESTful API or web services, or a sophisticated solution for your industry, our dedicated engineers know how to leverage PHP for that.


PHP web development

We use PHP to make functional and intuitive web apps and websites, regardless of how advanced functionality you need. Enterprise software (CRM, DMS, ERP, BI, etc.), SaaS solutions, collaboration tools and intranets, ecommerce apps, online marketplaces — these are some of the domains where PHP works perfectly.

Integration and API development

To be indeed convenient for users, any corporate tool should be connected to other software. PHP-developers at Cuspy create private and public APIs and use 3rd-party APIs, including REST and SOAP, to set up accurate and secure data flows between your systems and enable access to particular functions (e.g., maps, social networks, payment processing).

Middleware development

Our PHP developers build and configure multilayered PHP middleware stacks so as to enhance the management of authentication, caching, and routing and improve the quality of the app communication and input/output.

Ongoing Support

To help your software be always up-to-date and well-performing, our PHP-developers are ready to assist with the maintenance and upgrades of your PHP-driven software. Dedicated engineers at Cuspy can help you to clean up code, minimize parsing and disk I/O overhead, and deal with load balancing.

PHP backend development

PHP is the technology of choice to power complex and simple apps with the backend capable of scaling and managing high load. PHP developers at Cuspy can help you optimize the performance of your backend and resolve any issues regarding its communication with the database.

Platform customization

As PHP drives many popular platforms today, you can turn to our dedicated PHP developers for a solution on top such trusted giants as Magento, WordPress, Drupal, or others. We will help you set up and configure a PHP-based platform to suit your business processes, as well as install third-party plugins and get custom add-ons.

PHP development for IoT

Open IoT platforms, coupled with PHP, is a nice combo to automate processes and enable managed and real-time sync communication between gadgets.

PHP migration

Should you need to migrate your software to PHP or a later version of it, we can help you achieve it smoothly and with minimum downtime.

Hire dedicated PHP developers with Cuspy and scale your dev team the way you need it!

Convenient Cooperation Models

Whether you want to partly outsource PHP development, get a complete set of services, or just hire PHP developers to join your project team, Cuspy offers flexible cooperation options.

All-round software development

Our engineers can join at any stage of your project or deliver a complete solution if PHP is your technology of choice. The clear benefit is that you have all the challenges solved and checked by experts.

On-demand dedicated teams

The advantage of this model is that you can cut costs on hiring PHP developers in your office and, at the same time, access top talents for as much time as you need.

Why Pick PHP for Your Project

We love PHP, for this is a robust technology that can suit almost any workflow automation and business software project, including BI, information and document management systems, web portals, intranets, collaboration tools, marketplaces, reservation systems, and more. To name of few of the things that make PHP special:

• PHP allows for encryption and cryptography, which lets PHP developers deliver secure and high-performing apps.
• PHP has robust frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, YII2.
• PHP supports a wide range of databases, which results in higher flexibility of the solution.

• PHP powers about 80% of apps on the web.
• PHP-driven apps can work on any OS, including Linux, Windows, and MacOS.
• PHP is open-source, which leads to lower project costs.

PHP Frameworks That We Love

Our dedicated PHP developers excel at modern and robust frameworks, such as Laravel, Symfony, Lumen, YII2, Phalcon, and Zend, which allows us to minimize development costs and time while keeping the code quality high. To deliver the required functionality, we draw on experience with different platforms, servers, CMSs, and libraries.

For example, our PHP developers use:

Don’t waste your time trying to find and hire PHP developers that can deliver what you need. Choose a convenient cooperation model and reach out to our experts!

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