Ecommerce Development Services

At Cuspy Software, we help merchants create a strong online presence with powerful solutions based on ecommerce platforms and the wit of our dedicated development team. We bring to the table 10 years in ecommerce development to help startups get their first sales and make established ecommerce projects thrive.

Enter the ecommerce market successfully or accelerate your business with scalable, feature-rich, and SEO-friendly solutions.

Platform-based Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce platforms are not created equal. The choice of an optimal one depends on many factors, such as the project budget, rollout time, required functionality, performance capacity, and the skills of your in-house team. Experience with diverse platforms allows Cuspy to recommend the most appropriate technology in your case with due attention to all peculiarities of your business.

Custom apps and upgrades

Have a working online shop? Should you need to simplify store administration, get more insightful analytics, enhance customer experience, or enable trendy features and UI elements, the Cuspy team can develop a custom extension or tweak your ecommerce solution directly.

Platform customization

Ecommerce developers at Cuspy Software can help you take your store to the next level through custom coding. From product pages to checkout, we will tweak the UI of your online shop to make it appealing for customers and improve navigation. Our team will help you integrate your store with other software and add the necessary features.

Platform configuration

With a deep understanding of ecommerce platforms, our software development team can set the out-of-the-box functionality to fit your business needs and accommodate your target customer flow. Configuring the default features whenever possible allows our experts to cut your ecommerce development costs and ensures against compatibility issues.

Platforms we use to help you succeed





Enter the ecommerce market successfully or accelerate your business with scalable, feature-rich, and SEO-friendly solutions.

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

If your ecommerce project goes beyond the capabilities of available platforms, Cuspy Software can create a custom solution—be it a B2C/B2B marketplace, auction portal, online shop, or anything else. We combine an in-depth understanding of the industry with the senior development expertise to build solutions that bring profit.

From-scratch development

To implement strong ecommerce functionality that is easy to manage for non-tech users (e.g., order, inventory, shipping, payment management, etc.), we write clear and well-documented code as well as keep SEO in mind right from the start. The usability of the front end is as crucial for us as the strength of the back end, so we analyze customer behavior and fine-tune the UI elements to maximize engagement and conversions.

Upgrading your solution

The Cuspy team can help you add necessary features to your working ecommerce solution and improve the functionality performance. We will check how your system works and solve all the detected issues that hinder your business growth.

Enter the ecommerce market successfully or accelerate your business with scalable, feature-rich, and SEO-friendly solutions.

Ecommerce Services for Ongoing Success

Cuspy Software offers a range of services to make both custom and platform-based ecommerce solutions more efficient.

Integration with other software

To simplify store management, keep data up-to-date and accurate in all the tools you use, as well as add more functionality, our dedicated ecommerce developers can connect your solution to any software (payment processing systems, CRM, POS, CMS, and other). Working with platforms and custom code, the Cuspy team pays maximum attention to ensuring that sensitive customer and payment data is safe.

Migration to a new backend

At Cuspy, we help ecommerce businesses seamlessly move from inefficient legacy software to more robust ecommerce platforms and custom solutions. Our developers analyze your requirements, suggest an optimal platform, prepare and accurately transfer all data, and enable the needed functionality on the new back end. If the target platform lacks in the features you like, we can add them through customizations and custom add-ons.

Troubleshooting and support

If your ecommerce solution doesn’t cope with the load or fails to meet users’ expectations, the Cuspy team can help you detect and solve performance and SEO issues. With our ongoing support services, you will get a stable bug-free functioning of your software over a long time.

Tell us more about your ecommerce project, and we will turn it into viable software!

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