Salesforce Development

Are you looking for a way to boost employee productivity or effectively automate marketing, sales, and service? Dedicated engineers at Cuspy will combine their knowledge, experience, and proven development approaches with the rich capabilities of Salesforce — to deliver a tailored solution to your challenges.

Need a cost-effective option to digitize business processes or enhance your Salesforce solution? Ask experienced Salesforce developers how to do it!

Salesforce Services We Provide

Cuspy can assist your company at any stage of the Salesforce development process, be it consulting, customization, migration, integration, app development, or support and updating. While working on Salesforce solutions, we focus on user buy-in, efficiency, scalability, and security.

Salesforce consulting

Do you want to choose a Salesforce product easily and save on your Salesforce project? Do you want to hire Salesforce developers who can translate your business needs into Salesforce features? Do you want to be sure that your tools only strengthen your team and don’t impede their performance? Our experts in Salesforce business development can help you use the platform to the max of its potential.

Salesforce migration

While working on a Salesforce migration project, we pay great attention to keeping your data safe and accurate, as well as providing users with more effective and intuitive functionality. We plan our solutions strategically to minimize downtimes and let users quickly adapt to new technology.

Salesforce application development

Are you thinking about Salesforce app development to cover specific business processes of your company? Are you exploring Salesforce mobile app development options to let your employees stay tuned wherever they go? Or do you want to submit your tool to Salesforce AppExchange? With Cuspy team, you can get a competitive app and ready for Salesforce security review. We use Apex, Visualforce, Heroku, Lighting Platform, and APIs to turn concepts into valuable enhancements to Salesforce.

Salesforce implementation and customization

Salesforce development specialists at Cuspy design and build solutions to business challenges. To address your needs, our dedicated engineers can help you plan Salesforce implementation, create a branded design, digitize business processes with Salesforce Clouds, configure all the settings, and sync the system with other corporate software. If you need to go beyond the platform tools, we can create custom modules, UI elements, features, and apps using, Lightning, Apex, and Visualforce.

Salesforce integration

We can help you make data accurate and up-to-date in your corporate tools (ERP, CRM, DMS, collaboration, etc.). Experienced in developing custom integration modules for Salesforce, our dedicated developers take up all kinds of integration projects, whether they regard cloud or on-premise software.

Salesforce managed services and support

Our Salesforce development engineers can stay with you after the rollout to monitor the system’s performance, prevent bugs and downtimes, train users, and deliver updates. While our specialists ensure seamless and secure functioning of your Salesforce, you can focus on your goals and achieve more. With dedicated developers, you entrust your Salesforce project to experts and, at the same time, cut costs for managing an in-house team.

Drive employee productivity with a secure and scalable Salesforce solution designed for you

Salesforce Products We Use

To deliver powerful Salesforce solutions for sales, marketing, tech and service teams, we pick robust Salesforce products and add our expertise. We will show you how to love Salesforce as we do.

• Sales Cloud
• Service Cloud
• Marketing Cloud
• Community Cloud

• Commerce Cloud
• Einstein Analytics
• Industry-specific tools

Cooperation Models We Suggest

As a Salesforce development company, we offer flexible cooperation options. Whether you need to grow your team, find developers with particular expertise, or ensure long-term efficient performance of your software, our engineers are ready to contribute to the success of your Salesforce project. 

Dedicated teams

Should you need to hire Salesforce developers to join your in-house team, we can help you find top talents in Salesforce design, development, and testing.

Turnkey Salesforce solutions

A considerable pool of specialists allows us to handle the entire Salesforce development project from the solution design to development, implementation, integration, testing, and support. 

Salesforce managed services

Cuspy experts deliver a complete set of services — timely updates, prevention of issues, and qualified support — to let your users enjoy an efficient and handy Salesforce solution. 

Drop us a line and gather your dream team of dedicated Salesforce developers!

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