Ruby on Rails Development

Cuspy Software harbors senior Ruby on Rails developers that combine their in-depth knowledge with the capabilities of Ruby to deliver advanced software for startups and enterprises.

Our Ruby on Rails Development Services

We gather dedicated teams of skilled Ruby on Rails developers to assist both startups and enterprises. Our experts adapt to your requirements and focus on scalability, security, and high performance of the solution. Efficient processes, a competent team, and clear communication — these are our secrets for cost-effective and fast development.


For Businesses

Enterprise solutions (ERP, HRM, CRM, etc.) should perfectly suit specific business processes, be scalable, and flexible to become really useful for a company. Accordingly, the Ruby on Rails programmers responsible for enterprise solutions must know how to leverage RoR dynamics to create powerful software quickly and with less code. 

At Cuspy, you can hire Ruby on Rails developers to scale your development team or take the project to a new level by introducing features or improving the solution’s security and performance during high load. We know firsthand how efficient processes, team efforts, and expertise can reduce development time and make the software product stand out from competitors.

For Startups

Why use RoR for your startup or POC? Having mastered the abundance of built-in modules and tools, our RoR developers can deliver high-performing solutions quickly and at a low cost, which considerably minimizes the risks of the startup. 

With Ruby on Rails Developers from Cuspy, you can seamlessly grow from the concept to viability assessment. Once market validation is passed, we will add the necessary features to let you pivot successfully. With vast experience in RoR, our Ruby on Rails programmers create scalable architectures from the very start; this means, you get a full-fledged product ready for upgrades and load growth within the same timeframe as if building a simple MVP.


The range of our Ruby on Rails development services covers all the SDLC steps, from architecture development to QA.


Web and API development

Cuspy Ruby on Rails developers build custom web applications, web portals, SPAs, CMSs, and plugins — with strong functionality and unique design. Get API-only apps or tailored REST APIs and enable seamless communication between your software and third-party tools and services.

Ruby on Rails ecommerce development

With 10 years in ecommerce development, Cuspy engineers can deliver high-performing and flexible ecommerce plugins, apps, and components powered by Ruby on Rails. Improve checkout, navigation, add discounts, or introduce other enhancements, with the help of programmers well-versed in ecommerce.

QA and testing

Timely QA is the key factor in cutting bug-fixing costs and delivering high-performing software. We conduct unit and integration tests from early development stages, follow TDD and BDD principles, use top testing frameworks, and quickly give feedback — all it takes to ensure the superb quality of our RoR deliverables.

Maintenance and support

Once the app or tool is up and running, our Ruby on Rails developers can stay with you to ensure stable functioning, add features, and introduce code updates, as well as enhance UX, speed, and security.

Code audit and refactoring

If you feel that your RoR solution doesn’t work as it should, our Ruby on Rails developers can carry out a comprehensive analysis of the codebase and architecture and provide their recommendations for improvement. We will make your code cleaner and more maintainable, find the roots of problems and fix bugs, spot security vulnerabilities, and update the legacy parts.

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Why choose Ruby on Rails development with Cuspy

• Ruby on Rails offers a rich OOTB toolset. Leveraging it, our developers can deliver a scalable solution faster and at lower costs, which makes RoR the best option for startups.
• We focus on the software quality, conduct code reviews, use reliable testing tools, adhere to the Ruby on Rails guides, and always go the extra mile to keep up high standards.
• Ruby on Rails is used in many top ecommerce solutions, including well-known Shopify. Our team is experienced in building custom Shopify apps.

• At Cuspy, we employ full-stack experts, which means our Ruby on Rails developers know frontend and backend technologies and efficient development approaches that can drive your project to success.
• Ruby on Rails suits sophisticated corporate systems, like ERP, HRM, CRM, LMS, marketing automation, etc. This is exactly the case to apply our experience in covering complex business logic and writing well-structured code.

Technology Stack

As a Ruby on Rails development company, we master all the needed technologies to power your solution. We keep testing and adding new robust technologies to ensure that the software we create is up-to-date. 

We are ready to build powerful software with Ruby on Rails. Tell us more about your RoR development project!

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