Cloud Application Development

With Cuspy dedicated engineers, you can succeed with a cloud project of any complexity — be it cloud app development, migration, integration, or support and maintenance.

Cloud-based Development Services

Cuspy Software helps companies build custom SaaS systems from scratch and develop platform-based apps that are secure, can handle a high load, and scale with your business.

Do you want to leverage Cloud application development for your business or have a concept of a SaaS product? Dedicated developers at Cuspy will deliver a scalable and secure SaaS solution for the industry and roles that you need — HRM, CRM, ERP, project management, etc. Besides turnkey Cloud software development, we can help you add new features, migrate legacy tools, and integrate your SaaS with other systems. 

Whether you need a business solution powered by Salesforce or a custom app to publish it on AppExchange, our dedicated developers will help you get one. Experience with, Lightning, and Heroku lets us create Salesforce solutions that comply with your speed, load, and functional needs, as well as Salesforce security requirements.

Our dedicated cloud-based application development team can deliver Office 365 and Sharepoint online, or Sharepoint on-premises solutions of any complexity. Consulting, implementation, customization, integration, migration, and development of custom add-ins — we deliver a full range of services to make collaboration and document management accurate and efficient in your company.

Get Services Beyond Cloud App Development

Cloud integration

Should you need to sync data between your SaaS product and other software, cloud-based or on-premises, Cuspy development experts can make data flow seamlessly and securely between them. 

Cloud application migration

Whether you want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing or change your product platform, the Cuspy team can examine your software and assist you on the way to a more powerful architecture.

Cloud infrastructure management

In addition to Cloud infrastructure design and development, our dedicated engineers can assist you with administration and maintenance to ensure that your solution is scalable, cost-effective, and works without downtimes.

Access the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Cloud computing development with our dedicated engineers.

Access Top Talents in Cloud App Development

Dedicated developers at Cuspy offer first-hand expertise in cloud software development to help you launch competitive SaaS products on the market or equip your internal team with the advanced tools.
As our team keeps supporting our SaaS product, Hygger, we stay on top of all the tricky aspects of cloud development. For this reason, while working on your project, we can not only solve all the common challenges of cloud-based software development but also anticipate and quickly react to relevant technology changes. As a result, by choosing Cuspy Software, you ensure that your SaaS product will:

• Perform and look well on any device
• Be scalable to suit your business growth
• Smoothly integrate with the needed systems
• Be easy to upgrade and support
• Keep sensitive data safe

Leverage Efficient Cloud Development Technologies

Engaged in cloud-native development projects, our software experts focus on the reliability, scalability, and security of solutions.

For this, we use the most powerful platforms available to date:

And offer a variety of cloud deployment models to choose from:

Let Cuspy experts take care of your cloud app development project.

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