Allmega - Multi-store Ecommerce Platform

This is how Cuspy engineers designed a custom ecommerce marketplace that supports 1.5+ mln products, 400+ categories, and 100+ merchants.



Allmega was a successful Polish web store selling a wide range of goods, from electronics and household equipment to baby products and cosmetics.

Dedicated engineers

Web App Developers

4 senior developers

UI/UX designer

1 UI/UX designer

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


Allmega wanted to expand their ecommerce business and create a large online marketplace. That is why they turned to Cuspy Software for the experience in the ecommerce domain and custom SaaS development.


Cuspy Software grew the team of Allmega with 4 senior developers, a QA engineer, a UI/UX designer, and a project manager well versed in ecommerce — to orchestrate the efforts of the team. In 24 months, Cuspy experts came up with the following deliverables:

• Software architecture and technology stack allowing the solution to handle high user load and an extensive product catalog.
• Custom ecommerce marketplace that has more than 1.5 mln products and 400 categories to date, and aggregates data from over 100 merchants.
• Multiple user roles — admins and merchants, as well as SEO, support, content, and sales teams.
• Two versions — in Polish and Russian — to let Allmega target a wider audience.
• Product management tools that cover automatic catalog upload in any format, detection of duplicates and errors, and KPI-based content quality control.
• SEO tools.
• Merchant account capabilities, including personal sales analytics and reporting, competitive pricing analysis, price list upload, catalog management, on-demand invoices, and payments history.
• Merchant support tools, such as the history of merchants’ actions and error tracking.
• Merchant LTV management: the management of subscriptions, discounts and bonuses, sales statistics and the ability to show certain products higher in search results, pay-per-click and auction functionality.
• Financial tools, including payment monitoring, automatic updates of payment statuses, and notifications about overdue payments.
• User-friendly ecommerce market navigation capabilities, including tables and lists, dropdown menus, checklists, and diverse facets and filters.
• Feature-by-feature comparison of products that highlights more advanced characteristics.
• Detailed product pages with customer reviews, clickable product characteristics, and colorful highlighting to let shoppers faster understand how the given characteristics compare to other offerings.
• A smart search engine that delivers a popup with results and allows for browsing prices, picking several items, and going directly to particular product pages or their comparison.
• Redirection from the Allmega marketplace to the relevant product pages of the merchant’s store or to the merchant’s checkout directly.

Tech Stack

Web Application


Cuspy Software scaled the engineering team of Allmega and helped them develop a custom online ecommerce marketplace. The solution is equipped with top-notch functionality for selling online and managing merchants. Now it has 1.5+ mln products and 400+ categories and collects data from more than 100 merchants.

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