Hospital Intranet

Dedicated engineers from Cuspy redesigned and upgraded a healthcare intranet for secure collaboration, document management, and training.


Dedicated Engineers

Software Developers

3 senior developers

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


The Customer, a software company focused on solutions for healthcare, turned to Cuspy to upscale their development team. The project goal was to redesign a medical intranet to improve UX and add new functionality.


Dedicated developers from Cuspy came up with a healthcare portal with all due attention to security. The solution includes the following functionality:
• Secure document management. This module lets users collaborate on documents in a protected access-based environment. User roles are assigned by the admin to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
• Form and feedback management. Various forms submitted by personnel online, be those supply requisition, meeting room requests, or survey answers, are automatically stored in a secure searchable database.
• Collaboration tools. A range of tools facilitates communication among the hospital personnel: chats, news feeds, blogs, comments, and user profiles.
• Event calendar. Users can add events, one-time and recurring, to a calendar and share them with a particular group (department or committee), or publicly in the Events section.
• Training management. A special module is designed for orchestrating staff education. It allows the organizer to create a training session, book a room for a particular time, limit the group size, add a coach, upload content (video and text), and monitor attendance.

Tech Stack


The medical intranet was completely redesigned to improve navigation and user experience. The hospital personnel got a full-fledged solution for secure collaboration, training and document management, as well as handling employee surveys.

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