Second Phone Number App for iOS

Find out how Cuspy mobile developers built a Number-changing app for iOS.


Dedicated engineers


2 senior iOS developers

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


ROCKETAPPS LLC is a mobile development company that focuses on iOS apps.


After a successful rollout of the Call and Voice recorder, ROCKETAPPS LLC decided to cooperate with Cuspy Software once again. This time they wanted to create a number-changing app for iPhone and iPad devices.


Our dedicated mobile development team composed of 2 iOS developers and 1 QA engineer created, tested, and prepared for App Store listing an app that allows users to:

• Get a local phone number working in 90+ countries.
• Call and send SMS to any country using this local number.
• Hide the real phone number.

Tech Stack



ROCKETAPPS LLC received and successfully launched the Second Phone Number app on App Store. Cuspy continues to cooperate with ROCKETAPPS LLC to support the tools and deliver new ones.

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