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Explore how we created a reusable integration solution compatible with Salesforce, with an uptime of 99.99%.


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The clients of Alianz often asked for secure data transfer between their ERPs and other enterprise systems (CRM, financial and operational reporting, forecasting, etc.). Alianz was looking for a business-savvy technical partner to deliver a reusable integration solution.


Cuspy augmented the Alianz development team with 2 developers and 1 QA engineer — all experienced in enterprise software development and Salesforce. To tackle the challenge, our developers came up with a light-weight SaaS integration platform, ERP-Link. For this, we fulfilled a range of tasks:

• Elaborated an effective software architecture and chose the tech stack that allowed for (A) securely transferring a considerable amount of data between tools, and (B) tailoring the integration solution if needed. To achieve the desired level of security and data protection, we used Microsoft SQL Server with CLR integration on C#, and enabled data transfer via SFTP.
• Developed the solution that could aggregate data from one to multiple ERP systems and deliver the info to the target systems, be it a CRM or other.
• Enabled two-way communication between integrated systems. This means that ERP-Link can send data in both directions: from an ERP to a CRM or another system, and vice versa — from the CRM to the ERP so as to update ERP records when they change in the CRM. So, data is always consistent, and updates take no manual effort.
• Allowed access to the data aggregated in CRM and developed custom database objects, report type objects, and templates. This functionality helps the users of Alianz’s Salesforce solutions generate more insightful reports easier than with default options.
• Enabled automatic checks of data quality. This way ERP-Link can help users detect duplicates and invalid data.
• Tested the security and performance of the ERP-Link to ensure it is bug-free.

Tech Stack


The Cuspy team helped Alianz to deliver a reusable integration layer with an uptime of 99.99%. ERP-Link can handle high load and allows for real-time two-way data synchronization between ERPs and other enterprise tools. The realization of the software let Alianz customize and use it for future projects.

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