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This is how the Cuspy team developed two mobile apps for iOS and Android used today by 80,000+ truckers.


Dedicated engineers


2 senior iOS developers
2 senior Android developers

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


Cargolink is a freight exchange market for Eastern Europe.


Cargolink wanted to create a tool specifically for truckers and thus was looking for a software development team well versed in mobile technologies. This is how they found Cuspy.


Cuspy gathered a team of mobile experts, including 2 senior iOS developers, 2 senior Android developers, and 1 tester. Within a short time frame, we came up with two native apps that let truckers:

• Find all the needed spots nearby, be those parking lots, cafes, filling stations, motels, insurance offices, hospitals, or others;
• Explore if there are vacant parking lots there;
• Learn about the facilities available in a parking lot (ATM, shower, WiFi, etc.);
• Add new parking lots to the public map;
• Leave reviews on parking lots;
• Get bonus points for being active members.

Tech Stack


  • Kotlin
  • RxJava
  • Retrofit
  • Swift
  • Apple frameworks
  • Third-party frameworks (CocoaPods)


Thanks to Cuspy, Cargolink managed to expand their offering with two handy apps for Android- and iOS-powered devices. The solution was successfully listed on Google Play and App Store and was appreciated by more than 80,000 truckers. To date, the number of truck stops exceeds 31,000, the number of other spots is over 32,000, and the average user rating on Google Play is about 4.5. Cargolink and Cuspy continue their cooperation and keep adding new features to make users even happier.

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