Hygger Mobile - Project Management On the Go

This is how Hygger became even more convenient for project management teams with iOS and Android mobile apps.


Dedicated engineers

Mobile Developers

2 senior Android developers
3 senior iOS developers

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


After the success of the Hygger Web, Cuspy Software wanted to let project teams enjoy the full mobility and convenience of collaboration on tasks. Therefore, we decided to complement the SaaS tool with native apps for Android and iOS.


Dedicated mobile developers from Cuspy analyzed the top-used functions in Hygger and surveyed teams what features they wanted to access on the go. Then, we developed and rolled out two native apps, for iOS and Android, which let users to:

• Create project boards, add and track tasks;
• Mix multiple boards in a collection to simplify management;
• Create checklists and add due dates;
• Assign team members and track progress;
• Manage tasks and tweak cards on the backlog;
• See the big picture of tasks in progress and employees' work logs;
• Stay on top of the team activity by using threads and comments;
• Get notifications about updates.

Now users can easily work with Hygger data from their mobile devices.

Tech Stack


Users welcomed both native apps, and the iOS version got an average 4.7 score on the App Store. Project teams can now access Hygger, manage projects, and orchestrate team efforts fast, from anywhere, and at any time.

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