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Explore how Cuspy experts fortified a UX agency with a tailored time-tracking SaaS solution.


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HumanoIT Group is a UX agency that creates tools for everyday usage of teams and individuals. The company wanted to develop an affordable and intuitive SaaS app for task and time tracking. The tool was supposed to enable payroll automation and solve such common problems as poor team collaboration and inconsistent info exchange.


To assist with the development of this cloud-based software solution, Cuspy provided a team of 3 developers and 1 QA engineer. Our experts designed, built, and tested a tracking tool with the following capabilities:
• Activity logging. Users can quickly report on work and time, add tags, and highlight particular tasks as achievements. If a task was previously logged or mentioned in other tools, 32dayz can retrieve these data thanks to the OOTB integration with such sources as Hygger and Jira. The Activity Feed keeps all members up-to-date.
• Progress tracking. A manager can review all the logged activity by company, department, project, and employee for any given period. In addition, the manager can export reports in PDF, СSV, or Excel formats, subscribe to a daily email report on the team’s activity, or send the report to customers and clients.
• Collaboration. Team members can exchange messages right in the system.
• Vacation tracking. Employees can add info about vacations and days off in a few clicks, as well as inform other users to keep them updated. The tool automatically generates a report on working days and all kinds of days off, which is very convenient for the HR department and managers.
• Notifications. Users can get daily reminders, which helps the company to prevent data gaps.
• Payroll automation. Detailed reports on work time and days off simplify payroll.

Tech Stack


Dedicated developers from Cuspy Software delivered 32dayz, an easy-to-use SaaS solution for tracking team activities and automating payroll.

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