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About The Affirmations iOS App

Do you believe that positive thinking and the way of thinking, in general, can influence your future? It can. And you can check it. Negative thoughts lead you to an unhappy future, while optimistic thoughts can help you relax, cope with stress, and achieve your goals. A positive attitude can inspire you to get better results and give you the inner power to go on trying something till you succeed.
With Om, you can practice affirmations in the topics you need. Want to improve your self-esteem or have your daily motivation? We’ll get you covered. Reminders will help you remember the daily happiness exercise and keep you inspired throughout the day.

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations influence both our conscious and subconscious minds. You can become the master of your thoughts and get rid of useless and damaging ideas in your head. Say aloud, think about, or read affirmations as often as possible. And you will feel how corresponding positive feelings arise in your mind and body.

How to make affirmations indeed efficient?

Don’t try to achieve everything at once. Make it your personal experiment. Choose a few topics that are the most challenging for you right now and start practicing every day. The more you repeat and focus on affirmations, the more effective they are for you. Though it takes time to develop a habit, the Om app will help you on your way to happiness.

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