Automated Trading System

Cuspy scaled the Customer’s team to deliver an automated trading tool with custom algorithms and support for multiple brokers.


Dedicated Engineers

Software Developers

3 senior developers
1 UI/UX designer

QA Engineers

1 QA engineer


A trading software company wanted to build an app for automated trading on Forex and embed their proprietary algorithms for order execution in it.


Dedicated developers from Cuspy scaled the Customer’s tech team and delivered a Windows client-server solution.
These are some of the key features of the trading platform:

• Data emulation and testing;
• Multi-broker support with independent trading pairs per every broker;
• Rules for automated trading order processing;
• Backtesting of programmed logic;
• Current and closed order tracking;
• Configurable charts: OHLC, candle, liner.

Windows Azure was picked for hosting the server part so as to ensure responsiveness and enable the app to handle a growing load.

Tech Stack

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