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Cuspy Software is a team of digital marketing experts and developers who have already devoted 10 years to search engine optimization services. We invented and tested numerous SEO tactics. We boosted the growth of startups and reinforced the success of enterprises. We helped website owners recover after penalties and migration. We implemented technical improvements when other SEO consultants failed.

Let our team show you what quality SEO services mean!

SEO Audit

As search engines are getting smarter, today, success in SEO depends on your awareness of the current situation and the viability of your SEO strategy.

Website SEO analysis

We can help you study your website and SEO strategy in detail. To spot the issues preventing you from moving higher in SERP, we will check the key areas, such as
• Website performance
• Internal linking
• Keyword policy
• Content quality
• Quality and number of backlinks
If you have gone through a penalty or a sudden traffic loss, we will get to the roots of the problem to ensure that you will avoid such cases in the future. As a result of the SEO audit, our team comes up with a thought-out action plan to regain and improve your website ranking.

Competitor analysis

As your positions and CTR depend on your actions and your competitors alike, our search engine optimization services cover exploring your competitive environment as well. We deeply analyze your competitors' web presence, including tech performance, backlinks, the keywords around which they optimize pages, as well as SEO and PPC strategy. This way, we learn how you can outperform your competitors with continuous efforts

SEO Strategy Development

True SEO services should rely on consistent actions as only this way you can get visible and long-lasting results. We start from your digital marketing goals and then develop an SEO strategy to get you there. To speed up the project rollout, we use our proprietary SEO tools designed to automate and increase the accuracy of particular SEO activities.

Semantic core analysis

We carry out keyword research, find opportunities to optimize your website around more appropriate terms, and identify the inefficient keywords to skip. After all, SEO is about increasing relevant traffic. We help you build your website semantic core to maximize the number of visitors that are very likely to convert.

Metadata and content optimization

To prevent competition between your pages and get a maximum synergetic effect, our experts can optimize your website metadata (titles, descriptions, tags), content, and landing pages. 

As one of the deliverables, you will get a detailed content plan to keep working your website ranking and reinforcing the achieved results. If required, our in-house digital marketing team can take care of  for your website.

SEO Outreach Strategy

The quality of the backlink profile influences your website authority and the number of visitors you can fish out of the web. We help you improve your SEO outreach strategy by

• Analyzing the quality of your backlinks
• Eliminating harmful links
• Identifying link-building opportunities
• Partnering with strategically valuable publishers
• Developing content in line with the best-practices (relevance, popularity, trust flow, and other)

As a result, backlinks become a viable tool to generate website traffic, leads, and finally, revenue.

Technical SEO

Though technical SEO is the core of efficient website optimization, quite often SEO consultants leave it to the customer. With no relevant skills on the internal team, it can be a problem to find a technical specialist capable of tweaking all the nuances. At Cuspy Software, we have in-house developers, technical and SEO experts that can create a solid foundation for reaching and keeping high website ranking. In particular, the things we do bring you the following visible results.


• An in-depth technical audit of your website, covering website crawl analysis
• Mobile and web speed optimization, including the enhancement of code and database requests
• Generation of the robots.txt and XML sitemap
• Website structure improvement
• Image optimization
• The setup of URL redirection and removing of duplicate content
• Configuration of accurate server responses (404, 410, 301, etc.)
• Installation of SSL certificates
• Implementation of structured data markup and enablement of rich snippets
• SEO support for migration projects


• Your website is technically ready for the traffic growth
• Pages load faster
• Server responses are correct
• Internal linking is more efficient
• No duplicate content
• No crawl errors
• No broken links and inaccessible pages
• Improved visibility for search engines and better indexing
• More informative website preview in SERP and hence higher CTR
• Reduced Time to First Byte and bounce rate
• Minimized traffic loss during or traffic recovery after migration

SEO Analytics

Though our team welcomes ongoing projects, we don’t want to lock you into our SEO services. For this reason, Cuspy Software can configure analytics tools to feature basic and custom SEO KPIs. This way, you will be able to extract valuable insights from your data and take more effective actions. You won’t have to believe our words; instead, you will see particular results of digital marketing efforts. As a basic analytics package, we recommend setting up
Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Do you need particular fixes or ongoing SEO services? With our experts, you will see actual improvements since the first days.

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