July 14, 2015

Mobile Development

What are the best online UX design pattern resources?

By Alexander Sergeev

Have you run out of new ideas? Do you need a source of inspiration? In this article we’ve collected the best UX design pattern resources which will surely help you out.



  • Axure Flat UI Kit: The most comprehensive UI library for Axure
    The library has more than a hundred elements for creating a wireframe site or ecommerce. All of them are interactive and fully functional.
  • Market: Digital Goods Marketplace for Web Creatives
    It is a fine selection of digital products for creatives. The aim of the project is to “connect designers with website/app creators”.
  • Design Snips
    The focus of the gallery is on common web page components (e.g. navigation) and design trends (e.g. grid layouts). There are 30+ categories with trends and patterns you’ll surely like. You can also rate designs which impress you the most.
  • Use Your Interface
    The collection of transitional interface and interaction design is constantly growing. You can also share your UI ideas with people.
  • Dribbble
    Dribbble is a perfect source for designers looking for a creative solution. It’s easy to navigate and well-organized. You will definitely like its sleek and minimalist design.
  • Elements of Design
    The main focus of the collection is on particular web design components (login forms, site navigation and so on).
  • I <3 Wireframes
    Ivana Jurcic, a Web Developer from Belgrade, Serbia collects wireframes in a Tumblr blog. If you want, you can contribute to it by adding your wireframe to it.
  • IBM Design Patterns
    A breathtaking gallery of patterns which brings innovative ideas to UI/UX/web-designers.
  • jQuery Mobile Gallery
    It’s a marvellous sample collection of mobile sites built with the help of jQuery Mobile
  • Little Big Details
    The website is curated by Floris Dekker of Gidsy.com. You’ll find a great many of UI designs there with a rational explanation of what makes this or that sample stand out.
  • Lovely UI
    Are you searching for unique and impressive mobile design patterns? You’ll find them here.
  • Mobile UI Patterns
    The website features design patterns in mobile apps.
  • Pattern Tap
    Matthew Smith and Chris Pollock have created a gallery containing trendy UI components and design patterns. You can create sets of your own (there are 7k + user sets now).
  • Patternry
    You can use this website in order to create, share and organize your design pattern libraries.
  • Premium Pixels
    That’s an outstanding resource that contains everything a designer needs: from web patterns to UI kits.
  • Pttrns
    It’s a great place to get new design ideas. Pttrns offers a wide choice of mobile design patterns.
  • Sencha GXT Explorer Demo
    A valuable UI resource packed with samples of combos, layouts, templates and so on.
  • Smashing Magazine’s 40+ Helpful Resources on User Interface Design Patterns
    Smashing Magazine has gathered more than 40 useful UI websites, books and collections.
  • Specky Boy Design Magazine’s 30 Fresh Web UI, Mobile UI, and Wireframe Kits
    Speckyboy made a list of free UI resources.
  • UI Patterns – User Interface Design Pattern Library
    You’ll find torrents of inspiration from this vast design pattern collection. And it’s also possible to create your own set there.
  • Web & Patterns
    The blog features tips, tricks, and advice on how to build effective user interfaces.
  • Welie: Patterns in Interaction Design Pattern Library
    It’s an interaction design library containing a great number of UI patterns.
  • Yahoo! Design Pattern Library
    Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) maintains this gallery. There are a web development community and a forum where you can share and discuss stories with like-minded people.



  • Designing Interfaces (by Jenifer Tidwell)
    The book is a thorough guide on how to plan UI of a project. It provides many ideas on how to present data. The author gives alternative pattern names, their history and links to other authors’ works.
  • Designing Social Interfaces (by C. Crumlish & E. Malone)
    “Designing Social Interfaces” is an outstanding compilation of information on what makes social media applications work. It covers literally all sorts of patterns: from “social” sites and commenting systems to virtual prizes/badges.
  • Designing Web Interfaces (by B. Scott & T. Neil)
    Authors of the book describe 75 design patterns. It also includes real-life examples from such companies as Yahoo, Netflix, Basecamp, etc. You’ll find the principles of good interface design and how to use it with the web.
  • UXPin Mobile Design Trends 2014
    UXPin and Movade designers have collected and described all design trends of 2014 in a very detailed way.
  • UXPin Web Design Trends 2013-2014
    The book contains the most popular design trends with scrupulously chosen examples.

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