July 5, 2019


Quick Steps to Launch on ProductHunt Effectively

By Pavel Kukhnavets

Young and ambitious startups always aim to attract tons of attention to their product or service. There are so many companies managed to secure investments into their business with the help of an effective Product Hunt campaign. 

In this post, we share some quick and easy tips about how to take some steps to launch a product on Product Hunt. Do not hesitate to roll up the sleeves and grab your opportunity.

What is Product Hunt?

ProductHunt is the professional community of product makers and tech enthusiasts where every day new products are hunted and upvotes received. The most upvoted products get blasted in a daily newsletter to  500k members the next day.

It’s rather privileged to finish as the top product of the day because it will get your product in the daily and weekly newsletters. 

Why is it worth to join ProductHunt?

There are 3 core reasons why startups choose Product Hunt to be launched there:

  • Product Hunt is free. As we know, any entrepreneur always thinks about how to promote startup for free
  • You may easily qualify your idea there
  • An awesome community supports the resource

Product Hunt provides you with a good chance to get it right and it will rain sign-ups for weeks to come. The idea is also about creating an engaged users base – those who are prepared to pay for your product. So as long as you get in the top 5 you’ll be in the daily newsletter and you’re fine in regards to reaching.

How to launch on ProductHunt: key steps

Here’s a brief set of steps you’d better do while launching on Product Hunt:

  • Sign up and get on Product Hunt. To post a new product, you should have a personal account.
  • Add title. Use the name of your product without emojis and extra descriptions.
  • Add relevant links to your product or company’s website (followed by links to the Google Play, App Store, and other places where people can download the product).
  • Add tagline. Clarify what your product does (60 characters are available). Specify the value your product provides to the people but try to avoid “loud” slogans.
  • Create thumbnail to describe your product visually. Here you may use an image or GIF (240×240 size is optimal).
  • Define topics. 3–4 relevant topics for your product are enough.
  • Fill up the gallery. This is the first people see when entering your post. 635×380 is the recommended size parameters for images. You may also upload video and it will always show up first.
  • Add a description that will contain a couple of sentences about your product. They will appear under the gallery to give your users more information about you’re working on. 
  • Name makers – the usernames of everyone who worked on the product , just personal accounts. This is optional but will allow them to receive recognition for their work.
  • Add media channels related to your product. Here you may add relevant articles, Medium posts, product reviews, or anything else to help people learn more about the product.
  • Maker info. Here you can briefly introduce yourself and your team.
  • Add social media links – your company’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Medium, etc. to your post. They will show up on the sidebar.
  • Use the Launch Now/Schedule.  If you want to post to go live right away, you may choose the “Launch Now” option. The post will go live according to PST. The scheduling option is also available – just if you’d like your post to appear in a few days.

Wrong steps

Here’re some bad ideas to do:

  • Asking for upvotes. Asking for upvotes is a bad idea unless you ask for feedback. People should upvote your product because they like it, not because of the pressure. 
  • Spamming. Mass- emailing or frequent tweeting asking for feedback or upvotes are not effective. 
  • Thunderclap or similar tools that shout about your launch. They also look spammy. Remember, secret algorithms do not like spammy.
  • Finding a “hunter”. Spending lots of time finding a “hunter” is a distraction. Hunt your own product.

There are two lists of hunted products – “Popular” and “Newest” on the Product Hunt homepage.

You may choose two ways to get your product hunted: 

  • hunt it yourself
  • ask someone else to hunt it for you

After the launch

Be ready for media attention after the launch. Prepare a relevant media kit and make sure you have a list of FAQs and possible answers to them. It will help you to save time when talking to the media representatives. 

Product Hunt is also an amazing spot to attract attention if you are looking for investors. When your product has got 1000 upvotes, feel free to approach different incubators all over the world as your product flourishes.

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