March 11, 2020


Free platforms for a startup promotion on international market

By Alexander Sergeev

We have expanded and adapted the original selection. We’ve chosen only free resources for a startup promotion on the international market. We also have changed initial classification and made ranking according to potential audience coverage. All the resources are added to the corresponding categories.

Entrepreneurs + investors + marketing specialists

  • ProductHunt: Add your project to a novelty list – 90k views;
  • Betalist: Add your startup to a newsletter of novelties – 25k views;
  • Angelist: Add your startup card and history of funding;
  • Crunchbase: Add your startup card and history of funding;
  • Gust: Add your startup card and history of funding;
  • F6s: analogue with a possibility to apply for accelerator;
  • Venture Beat Profiles: Add your startup card;
  • Bootstrappers: Are you working without funding? This community is for you;
  • Startup Ranking: Another ranking of startups;
  • StartupBlink: Startup map and venture ecosystem organizations;

Entrepreneurs + new technology lovers

Theme magazines, libraries, and listings for new technology lovers

Designers + marketing specialists + developers

Potential testers of your app on early stages

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  1. Dmitriy Fugol
    Dmitriy Fugol
    18 Oct, 2016 - 12:57 pm

    Alexander, thanks for a great post. I think it will help startupers for sure. By the way I think that this site can be a good addition to the article. You can find 44 great pitch deck examples there.


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