Emailonacid is a powerful service which allows to validate layout of emails and look through their display in different email services on different platforms: desktop clients, browser-based clients, mobile apps, etc. Extended subscription also allows to monitor spam-list transfer. Moreover, it provides powerful and detailed analytics.

This software can track opens, clicks, forwards, prints, glances, as well as subscriber engagement, geographical location, email clients, click tracking and more.

With the help of the service we’ve got answers to many questions:

  • how many letters in per cent were delivered to inbox.
  • how many letters in per cent were opened.
  • how many clicks were made on links in the letters.
  • how many letters in per cent were deleted.
  • how did people read the letters: how many in per cent skimmed through the letter, how many in per cent have read the letter thoroughly.

The service has also learned to monitor when your emails hit spam. To my mind, it’s a very useful feature for all those engaged in efficiency increasing of email newsletters.

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