People pay a lot of attention to app reviews in App Store and Google Play as they help them to choose the right one. Along with app screenshots and description, for sure. Yes, the most important thing for an app is to be in the first lines of Top Charts. But there isn’t enough place for all the apps as there are millions of them while Top Charts aren’t numerous. And in every Top Chart there are only 100 apps. There are also Featured apps and any app can get to this category. Some say you still need to have some friends in Apple. Or your app must be really innovative which is hard to achieve.

So what about the reviews? They form the rating of your app from 0 to 5 stars. When people leave reviews, Apple asks to rate the app with the stars.

If a person scrolls a list of apps, for example, search results on time tracking, he/she sees almost nothing: an icon, an app name, an app rating and the number of reviews. It’s clear that probability that a user will tap your app depends on the quantity of stars a lot. That’s why any developer wants to have 5 stars. And they will do everything for that.

Like in any business connected with money, there are many of various schemes, both legal and not-so-legal. I won’t describe reasons why Apple can delete your app. I will provide a list of websites where you can get reviews with stars for your app. Before you’ll look through the platforms, I want to warn you: Apple struggles with fake reviews. But on the other hand, when you ask some real people to get acquainted with your app for money and write a review for it – you stay within the limits of the law. It’s a legal way. Study attentively each website from the list: learn the principle they work on. Otherwise you may lose your app and everything you’ve done.

It would be better if you create quality apps so users themselves will leave reviews. By the way, don’t forget to remind your users that a review may help your app. And if they have some profit from your app, have solved a problem or are just content with it, catch them at the moment and offer them to help you. The law of mutual help works quite good in virtual environment among the people who are divided with a Gorilla Glass.

Here’s the list of app review sites: