May 7, 2016


8 services for conducting user researches

By Alexander Sergeev

Anton Sukharev, Shopnetic product manager, has compiled a list of services which help to conduct user researches – with prices and main peculiarities. We can’t but share the translation of the article with you.

If you’ve read “Big list of must have tools for every product manager”, you probably know that I’d announced a publication of suchlike lists. So, here you’ll find services for conducting researches.


A possibility to look at user work with definite criteria.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • A possibility to ask questions during the investigation on your website or app.
  • API for integration with other tools of user behavior investigation.

Price: $49 –299 per month.


Fully functional online platform for conducting investigations and polls with excellent possibilities and flexible setup.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • Deep setup parameters, including CSS editing.
  • Nice possibilities of reports and analysis.

Price: $200−900 per year.

Survey Nuts

An available, easy to use, but functional tool with paid and free plans.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • Clean, modern UI/UX.
  • Easy to use. A possibility to apply user paths.

Price: $15 per month.

Survey Planet

A well-engineered available tool with a great many of setup variants.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • An unlimited number of polls and answers.
  • A great design and beautiful ready-made templates.

Price: $15 per month.

Surv Metrics

A possibility to conduct researches oriented to mobile users.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • A support of native mobile formats.
  • A powerful analytics.

Price: $20−100 per month.


A multifunctional and practical platform.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • A clean interface, beautiful themes and flexible possibilities.
  • Possibilities of team work.

Price: $20−200 per month.

Survey Gizmo

A reliable research platform with a broad plan.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • A reliable setup and connection and a set of functions for invitations.
  • Many integrations with partner panels – marketing and CRM-tools.

Price: $22 per month — $1500 per year.


Possibilities to record mobile sessions for testers or users, who want to record feedbacks during app usage.

Type: SaaS.

2 best features:

  • An integration with iOS, Android and Mac, and with Invision/Marvel for prototypes.
  • A possibility to record user actions on a screen, their faces and reactions.

Price: Free.


  1. Daisy Nosh
    Daisy Nosh
    10 Aug, 2017 - 13:55 pm

    Good one…!!
    Thank you

  2. theaecassociates
    29 Mar, 2018 - 10:55 am

    Everyone interested in conducting user researches but no ones knows exactly which services are useful for user researches…Thanks for sharing useful post…

  3. theglobalassociates
    04 Jul, 2018 - 14:35 pm

    Thanks for the post…Conducting user researches is very interesting but we should more concentrate on services….


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